February 23, 2010

Obama's PR Machine: Winning Hearts And Minds

Fuck you, Valerie Jarrett. Fuck you and your fucking arrogant attitude with the fuckhammer of SHUT THE FUCK UP laced with Fuck Off. 

She agrees with one questioner that maybe the administration should create "the dummies guides to the issues Obama is talking about.  Because the people only understand simple things like "Hope and Change" but could never understand complicated issues like "cloture." Sorry Valerie, but even "us common folk" can count to 60.

Amen, brother Ben. Fuck these fucking double fucking baggers of fuckheadedly arrogant fucking futility and fucking cluelessness. Fuck them for looking down their noses with such fucking contempt the very people who helped elevate Obama to the White House. Fuck them for failing to fucking think they are fucking better and smarter than everybody else. And fuck you for thinking the American People are stupid.

Yes, the American people may not understand every fucking procedural technique or policy statement that takes place in Washington. But you know what, Valerie fucking Jarrett? The American People are fucking smart enough to see what you and your crew are trying to do, and they have fucking told you to fuck yourself with a diet goatse flavored fucksicle. And guess what, Valerie Fucking Jarrett? You are the fucking stupid ones to not realize what is happeneing to you, your party, and Captain Awesome's policies and political standing as you fail to comprehend the public's voice and continue to fuck the fowl.

Oh, and now, all of a fucking sudden, you are upset that the American people, dumbed down by decades of your fucktastically fucked up fucktunnel of FAIL education system do not understand "cloture"? You are the fucking fools who created the educational system, Valerie Fucking Jarrett. You are the ones who told those of us who preached responsibility, eduscation, civics, and basic fucking competency that we wer evil bigots and racists for demanding such awful things from our fellow Americans. You are the ones who fucking pushed to lower standards and learning sets, only to piss and moan when the people you helped educate turn their backs on you? Fuck you, Valerie Fucking Jarrett.

No, Valerie Fucking Jarrett. You fucking tried to pull one over on the American People. You fucking tried to cram an agenda down our throats, hoping we wouldn't understand what the fuck fuck fuckity fuck you were fucking trying to do. And when we told you to knock this shit off and vote your people and party out of office, you kept telling us we didn't know what was best for us and were stupid. So fuck you, Valerie Fucking Jarret. Fuck off, and take your failed agenda with you.

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