July 28, 2008

Obama's Plan To Lower Gas Prices

"Fast track alternative fuel sources"*

I'd just like to point out that it is impossible to fast track an undiscovered or unproven technology.  In order to fast track something, it must be known what and how that thing is to be done.  Currently, there is not a single alternative fuel source that can meet even 25% of our current fuel needs at even twice the price. 

Sorry, Obama.  You're fucking retarded on energy policy.  You sounded a lot smarter before you started mentioning specifics. 

* - Wisconsin is obviously a battleground state because I get McCain/Obama commercials in every break.  I tried to find this commercial (a response to McCain's "Pump" commercial) online but couldn't locate it.  The other methods he recommends to lower gas prices are requiring higher mileage and going after speculators, whatever the fuck that means.   It's like listening to a blind guy explain the color scheme for his new house.

Update: Wrong word has been fixed.  Problem with my brain remains.

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