June 18, 2008

Obama wants minorities behind him...just not...err...behind him

Just another bold move by the Obama campaign to prevent right-wing, Clinton-supporting bloggers like Larry Johnson from spreading any more unwanted rumors, I'm sure:

Two Muslim women were prohibited from sitting behind the podium at Barack Obama’s Monday rally in Detroit, apparently so their headscarves would not appear in photographs with him, according to a report Wednesday in the Politico.com.

The Washington-based Web site reported that Obama campaign volunteers said the women could not wear the hijabs behind the candidate, though they gave different reasons for the rule.

One volunteer said that one of the women could not be seen on TV with Obama “because of the political climate and what’s going on in the world and what’s going on with Muslim Americans,” according to the Muslim woman’s friend.

The Detroit metro area has a large Muslim population loyal to the Democratic Party, and that having at least one Muslim woman behind Obama would just represent the area more accurately.  They've got a meme and, dammit, they've got to run with it!

(And yes, I do know that the campaign has already apologized.  But I am still outraged!  OUTRAGED!)

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