October 16, 2009

Not much bang for your 787,000,000,000 bucks

Looks like Obama & Co. have been a wee bit optimistic (at least so far) about the number of jobs that Spendulus would "create or save."

Businesses that received federal contracts from stimulus spending reported creating or saving about 30,000 jobs, according to figures released Thursday. The reports also suggest that the program has been particularly beneficial for the Washington region.
And we're not talking about the Seattle-Tacoma area there, either.
The contracts represent just a sliver of the spending under the $787 billion package. Also, much of the $16 billion allocated to the 9,000 businesses has not been spent.
Is it just me, or is it horrifying that $16 billion can be described as a "sliver" of anything these days? And while I understand that a lot of that money probably hasn't been spent yet because of massive amounts of red tape involved, wasn't this shit supposed to be getting the economy back on track right quick?

Could be worse, I guess. With Sheriff Pluggy in charge of this fucking boondoggle, I'm surprised a bunch of it hasn't been spent on magic beans or fur-bearing trout farms yet.

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