January 28, 2010

No wonder he wanted them to hurry

I didn't watch the entire SOTOTUS, but I did see some of it, and this line, when The Won was making the case that Congress still needs to pass his health care abomination, was probably the unintentional laugh line of the night:

Still, this is a complex issue, and the longer it was debated, the more skeptical people became.
No, really? You noticed that, did you? Gee, I wonder why that was.

There was also a line later in the speech when he was blathering about the need for bipartisanship (translation: "Hey, Republicans, how's about you bend over and pass all the shit that I want, m'kay?") where he decried the notion of "a perpetual campaign." That one literally had me howling.

Solid B+ huh?

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