September 26, 2009

New Jersey 'burbs being overrun by wild turkeys

Guess that whole demonizing gun owners and hunters thing isn't working out for you, is it?  For those confused, New Jersey doesn't really get this whole wildlife management thing, they've successfully increased wildlife populations in the state through conservation, but because the state is full of liberal yuppies, they don't like that icky hunting thing and tend to restrict it, and now have wild animals pushing into the 'burbs in search of food and territory, and they don't know how to react or deal with them.  And I'm not faulting the lady in the video for not knowing how to deal with the turkeys, either, given what I'm guessing her ethnic and religious background is.  That doesn't excuse the state's stupidity and poor wildlife management.

If nothing else, Jersey is next to us here in PA, where we have a back'n'forth with Texas over who is the huntinest state in the union (I think we're winning now, suck it Texas!), hell, we've got plenty of hunters in PA who'd be happy to help them bring down their wild game populations.

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