September 20, 2010

Need Any More Motivation To Vote Come November?

Avenge this shit!

The Florida Democratic Party sent out a mailer last week detailing Republican congressional challenger Allen West’s 2005 tax lien and court orders to pay delinquent credit card bills. West is challenging Democratic U.S. Rep. Ron Klein.

The mailer includes a reproduction of the $11,081 tax lien filed against West in Marion County, Indiana, and paid off four months later. The document, pulled from public records, includes a column titled “Identifying Number” that shows West’s nine-digit Social Security number. Although the number isn’t specifically identified as a Social Security number, West campaign manager Josh Grodin said there is no mistaking what the number is.

West called the mailer “an unprecedented new low in American politics.”

Agreed, Sir. And fuck the left for how they are acting over this. If they want to act like this, then seeing them get kebabfucked with a side of fucksauce by the electorate will only be sweeter.

So get prepared, lefties. Get prepared to be kecklefucked by the fuckrope of fury until you learn to like it in revenge for this shit. And then be prepared for me to piss all over your supine carcasses after we glorypound you.

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