February 23, 2010

moar epic facebook fail

So. You're a cop. You enjoy Facebook. You decide it 's a great idea to allegedly announce to the entire freaking universe that you plan on take action, including probably violent action, against the citizens in your community for exercising their Second Amendment rights.  (The allegedly isn't for show, presumably this is really the officer in question but that's not proven at this time)

Let's count the fail.

1.  Assuming that ANYTHING you post on Facebook is private.  It's not, I don't give a crap what your privacy settings are.

2.  Assuming that ANYTHING you post on ye olde internets won't immediately be shown to everyone in the universe.

3.  Stating in public that you're going to cap a member of the community for which you are a cop.

4.  Stating in public that you intend to engage in a massive civil rights violations.  Here's my inner litigator's response - CHA-CHING I'M IN THE MONEY I'M IN THE MONEY!  Yeah, let's tell the whole world that you acted with knowing disregard for the right to open carry.

5.  Being a utter douchebag who should not have access to a badge.

There's mention in the article about the open carry advocates going to gatherings to make a point and the cops monitoring those sites.  My immediate response?  Monitoring for what?  What the fucking hell, the state is monitoring citizens' discussions of lawful activities because the cops don't like it?  I'm not even remotely up on California law or the federal privacy stuff but unless there's some bullshit homeland security excuse (oh wait there probably is) then that's really freaking outrageous.

Fail Clue Boy.  Fail.

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