January 25, 2009

Leonard Pitts, dishonest, sanctimonious twat

He asks this about Rush's hope that Obama fails to enact his agenda,

``I hope he fails.''

Do you ever say that about your president if you are an American who loves your country? Would you say it about George W. Bush, who was disastrous; about Bill Clinton, who was slimy; about Jimmy Carter, who was inept; about Richard Nixon, who was crooked? You may think he's going to fail, yes. You may warn he's going to fail, yes.

But do you ever hope he fails? Knowing his failure is the country's failure? Isn't that, well . . . disloyal?

Hey Lenny, your pipe?  Put this in, start smoking.  That collection of quotes isn't even the tip of the iceberg, it's a few molecules that make up a microscopic sliver of the iceberg.  I'm done listening to dishonest twats like you who want to pretend the endless stream of treasonous and vile shit spewed endlessly from the liberal elite and nutroots these past eight years never happened.

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