August 23, 2008

Is the Biden veep pick news a Hillary headfake?

A bunch of the commenters over at Moron Central seem to think so. Some of them back that up with speculation from Patterico's blog.  But, no.  Probably not.  Why do I say that?

Well, the nutroots seem to be convinced, even before the text message goes out, and (Surprise!) they're in the mood to forgive the campaign's ineptitude in getting the message out:

Attention readers: when the cable news networks broke the story on Obama's VP pick, several newscasters stated it somehow means Obama broke word to text us with the news. That's right folks, they criticized him for their own reporting. I'm dumbfounded. That is all.
If you go to the Screw the American contractors whose bodies were hung from a bridge DailyKos link, you can click on the image of Barry and Joe, and it will send you here. And if you click on the button that lets you skip a donation, you end up here, on the main Obama page, where Biden is expressly noted as the veep pick.

That text message must be something of an anticlimax now, huh?  Well, since I didn't bother to go to sleep, you heard it here first.  Kind of.

Update: "I’m not sure a political campaign could possibly screw up a running-mate announcement as badly as Team Obama."

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