December 14, 2009

Is It Premature To Do An End Zone Celebration?

Given that the left is in their usual classy mode of how to treat the Liebermans when they don't toe the liberal line (remember: Joe Lieberman almost was Vice President of the United States), and the Democrat Caucus is set to meet tonight to determine how tobribe Olympia Snowe overcome the filibuster, things are looking good, but still fluid, regarding the Senate version of Obamacare. And here is a visual description of said agenda {thanks Alice}

Caution should still be exercised, since changes may happen, but it is starting to look like Barry and the Democrats may not get what they want enacted. And to that end, I must say:


**Drinks gallon of whiskey and fires 60 guns in the air in celebration**

And fuck you Democrats! Fuck you with the goatse loving hammer of FAIL. You fucking fuckity fuckbaskets of fuck can't get shit accomplished with the majorities you have? How fucking pathetic is that? How fucking pathetic is Harry Reid and the rest of the fucking Democrat leadership that they can't fucking accomplish anything without Olympia Snow bailing their sorry wrinkled asses of stupidity out of the fire? Lyndon Johnson, Robert Byrd, and Robert Where The Fuck Is My Little Blue Pill Dole accomplished more shit in the leadership than these failures have, and they didn't have damn near the majorities you guys have.

Oh, and enjoy the fallout and dissatisfaction from your base over this disaster. Enjoy the looming electoral debacle. Enjoy being held culpable by your side AND ours for the failure of the O-ministration to accomplish anything, despite being in charge. And enjoy it when your sorry carcasses are hauled from the political arena for us who want to see you lose piss all over your ashes.

 This much awesomeness just gave me a four hour boner. I'll se y'all in a little.


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