December 30, 2009

In which Alex proves she's a tolerant, loving person

Mandatory disclaimer: The moms (and dads!) who post here are wonderful parents who are not the target of my wrath. That being said:

The NHTSA has launched a distracted driver website to point out that, hey, maybe not paying attention while you drive is a bad thing, m'kay? No! No! I did not know that! I thought that texting, eating, putting on makeup, reading a book, talking on the phone, getting a hummer, doing your nails and the rest make you a better driver! Thank you NHTSA! Thank you!

My wrath really isn't aimed at that. After all, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is kinda responsible for keeping track of national highway traffic safety. My ragey rage is more directed towards things like this where the discussion is all about texting, using PDAs, using GPS devices and the like.

What's not on that list?  Parents dealing with their screaming brats in the car.  The guy and girl having an enormous fight and/or sex.  The gaggle of 16 yos shrieking about how hot Count Sparkula is (sekrit to Sparkly Vampire Boy - shower.  Haz one).  The people who are car seat dancing along to Lady Gaga.  Because that's not distracting at all.

Seriously, I would rather have someone texting away driving behind/alongside of me than a parent who is busy trying to deal with what the kids are doing.  I cannot tell you how many times I've nearly been plowed down because Mommy has to help her Precious Child do something.  Hell, yesterday there was a woman on the highway turned completely around in her seat reaching for her kid.

If there's a ban on texting while driving, then there should be a ban on driving with children in the car.  I mean, the goal is to promote safety, right?  Don't we want the children to be safe?  To paraphrase the Southwest ads, why do they hate your kids?  Why, it's enough to make one who is more cynical than I believe that this is all about making gestures and not actually thinking through a problem. 

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