April 19, 2010

In lieu of doing my own analysis

I'm going to steal Beldar's discussion of Obama's hurray teh gheys can visit their sick relatives order.

Go read that because it's smarter than what I was going to say.  Done?  Okay.  Here's the very short version of my reactions to this whole topic and to the discussions surrounding it:

1.  Lawmaking by executive order is abhorrent not to mention unconstitutional.  I do not care that it's for "my" side.  The United States is not a Kingdom and the President is not King.  The checks and balances exist for a reason.

2.  He who pays makes the rules.  This is true no matter the issue.  If an entity/person accepts federal money, the feds get to set the conditions.  Think about the fights we had about limits on executive compensation to companies that took bailout funds.  This is an enormous problem and it will become far, far worse as the tentacles of government entwine into all aspects of life.  See also Catholic Charities and adoption.

3.  The matter of advance directives is for the state.  Pennsylvania enacted a very detailed statute about the proper form for directives and what to do if there isn't one and what to do when there's a fight about who holds the right.  The federal government does not get to undo all of that with the stroke of a pen. 

4.   Once again the sob stories were totally inaccurate.  Qulle surprise. 

5.  I love that this was presented as an executive order when it's not.  Nice understanding of the legalities WaPo!

Look, I'll admit that part of what makes me furious about this stuff is that this gives ammunition to those who believe that The Homosexual Agenda is all about enactment by decree.  It's hard to argue otherwise when things like this happen. 

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