August 19, 2010

In defense of hate

Yes, I am defending hate.  There are times when hate is the proper response.  There are beliefs and actions which are so vile that hate is not only an appropriate, but indeed, necessary response.  Thus, I pose the following questions:

Can someone explain to me why I'm not allowed to hate people who actually oppress and abuse those who convert to a different faith? Why am I not supposed to hate those who want to kill me?  Seriously, why not?  How are many, if not most, of the tenets of Wahhabi Islam not hateful to decent human beings?  Why am I not supposed to hate those who stone women (and men on occasion) for adultery?  Why should I not hate those who hang gays?  Why should I not hate those who blow up men and women and children?  Why not?  If that is not worthy of hate, then can anyone tell me what is?

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