November 14, 2009

I'm going to break my own rule here

I'm not all that comfortable with the slams on Michelle Obama's appearance.  I understand the point of it and I even agree about going after the press about the fawning worship and the desperate need to make her Jackie O.  But I'm not comfortable with it at all, there's a tenor to much of it that bothers me.

And then she shows up in public like this:

Epic Fail called and said "Dude, even I wouldn't do that!"

Who the hell is giving her fashion advice?  Seriously, her stylist must hate her with an utter fucking passion.  There is not a single damn thing that's right about that, from her hair (wtf) to the color (yellow is hard to pull off for anyone and it is not flattering for her) to the belt.  (What.  The.  Ever.  Loving.  Fuck.)

She might not be my favorite person but that's just fucking painful to see. 

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