March 23, 2009

"I regret nothing"

Guess which hysterical man-bitch who we don't link to here wrote the following:

I should say I regret nothing about my blogging about Sarah Palin last year and would do it again - with feeling - if such a duplicitous farce of an apparatchik were to be advanced as a possible leader for the US in the future. None of the crucial factual evidence for her constant fabulisms was ever provided and the MSM, as uninterested in the truth as they are eager for their own reputations, curled up into a little ball of deference.
Wow. I guess the dementia really has set in if Excitable Andi (sorry if I ruined the surprise for you) is remembering the MSM treating Sarah Palin with "deference."  It is to laugh.

Oh, and he regrets nothing about what he did?  He doesn't regret his insane conspiracy theories about Trig Palin's parentage?  I guess not.  Being in love with Obama means never having to say you're sorry.  And why not?  He still has his cushy job blogging for a publication that doesn't apparently care that they have a crazy person on their staff.  If I ever have a public breakdown like that, I can only hope my employer is so supportive.

Anyway, I hope your innocent beagles get out of the fire that I hope you die in, Andrew.  After all, it's not their fault that you're a repellent piece of shit.  Plus, I'm a dog person.

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