May 19, 2009

I know, I know, no math blah blah

Okay, as we all know, I cannot do basic math. However, from reading this article I have a question. It certainly appears to me that this gentleman, who installed his own solar panels and is using his own electricity generated from his own panels, is being charged by TVA for using the power that he generated.  Now, maybe I'm wrong, but that's how I read this.  Maybe I'm wrong and I'm sure y'all will tell me if I am. 

But if I'm not then what the hell?  It's one thing not to get paid unless you're generating extra power that being fed back into the grid.  It's quite another to be charged as if you're using electricity from TVA when you're actually using your own power.  This reminds me of what was going on in Atlanta where people were told to conserve water due to the drought.  People did and then they were charged extra since revenue targets weren't being met.

Remember, boys and girls, it's not actually your money or your life.  That sheeple thing is starting to look more true by the moment.

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