February 19, 2010

Heart of stone, etc.

Oh. Oh this one is nearly too easy. Never let it be said that I pass up anything too easy.

So. Over that HuffPo, Rabbi Michael Lerner discusses Post Traumatic Obama Abandonment Syndrome.  (safe link to WSJ making with the fun).

Where shall I start?  How about with pointing and laughing AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAH

Srsly, if you go all True Believer on any politician, you deserve it when your wee little heart breaks.  Sure, I love Reagan and miss him desperately but I'm also cognizant of his flaws.  Politicians are humans and, generally, not very spiffy humans at that.  Poor little precious ones, all upset because The One turns out not to be.  Yeah.  Welcome to Earth!

Second, I love how everything has to be a syndrome or a disorder or a disease now.  It can't be that one was a rube or duped.  No, no, no, it's that one is suffering from a traumatic event and experiencing emotional distress as a result.  Uh.  Huh.  That's it, it's a disease.  And we all know you can't blame people who are sick.

Third, let's go back to the pointing and laughing.  You thought that Obama was going to be elected and then the entire country would be run in accordance with the wishes of the Hard Left.  AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. 

Fourth, I do appreciate the recognition that Obama's crapped all over his staunchest supporters.  Mmmmm schadenfreudey goodness.

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