July 27, 2008

Harry spreads the word

Awwwwww...the MSM isn't doing exactly what Dingy Harry wants them to do, so he turned to a slightly more reliable Spirit Squad:

On Thursday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid criticized the Washington press corps for failing to report what he believes is unprecedented Republican obstruction.

So Friday afternoon, Reid reached out to the liberal blogosphere.

"You need to keep doing the job you're doing, but you need to move on," Reid said in a Webcast hosted by a handful of progressive bloggers. "We need your help to push back against the Republican harangue ... that we're not allowing votes" on oil drilling amendments.

The Webcast was hosted by meetthebloggers and included bloggers from HuffingtonPost, OpenLeft and thesmogblog.com.
Yeah, that'll get the message out to the middle-of-the-road general public. Because independent voters in swing states make up such a huge part of the HuffPo's readership.

Last year, Mary Katherine Ham went to a mall somewhere and asked a bunch of random people about whether or not they were familiar with various pundits who actually have regular print and teevee gigs, and was met with a lot of hemming and hawing. None of them knew who the hell she was talking about.  What are the odds that those people have ever even heard of thesmogblog.com? Hell, I've never even heard of that blog, and I'm the kind of dork who spends entirely too much time on the Internets reading about politics.  Seriously, my own family finds it insufferable sometimes.

But, anyway, you go, Harry. Preach to that choir!

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