February 18, 2010

Gaia FAIL, The Big Green Lie, And Wasteful Spending Go Hand In Hand

And predictably, this started in the UK. Seriously, fuck you hippies. Fuck you socialists. And fuck anybody and everyfuckingbody who thinks this shit is a fucking groovy idea.

Schemes included a £40,000 DVD in which schoolchildren explained that in ten years everyone will have to wear sunglasses all the time, because the sun will be shining more {even at night?-ed}.

A tent set up in shopping centres and labelled an ‘experiential climate dome’ was subsidised by Whitehall to the tune of nearly £400,000; a computer game cost £47 every time it was played; and a series of ‘ challenging pub quizzes’ about climate change cost more than £85,000.

Large grants went to councils, schools and youth groups for ‘ attitude modification’ programmes {whoa! That's a scary term there-ed}and to assure the public that man-made global warming is an established scientific fact.

And £200,000 went to Oxford University to ‘take climate change into the community’ {you mean to make the climate change in the community? Not even Algore can do that on his best and least meatiest days-ed}.

Details of the projects and the report for Ed Miliband’s Department of Energy and Climate Change – which was never published – were unearthed by the TaxPayers’ Alliance through Freedom of Information requests.

Matthew Sinclair, the group’s research director, said: ‘The Government has clearly crossed the line from public information to propaganda on climate change {and brainwashing. Don't forget that-ed}.

‘Many of the Climate Challenge Fund projects are utterly bonkers and misleading, and come with a huge price tag {and are scary as fuck-ed}.

No fucking shit, my Limey Friend. And what were the results of these wasteful and foolish brainwashing programs?

‘Despite a fortune having been spent on these projects, the fund has failed even on its own spuripeopleous terms. It is infuriating for taxpayers to see their money squandered on attempts to scare and indoctrinate the public {damn Teabaggers!-ed}.

The report by consultants Brook Lyndhurst said the projects largely failed to produce any changes in the opinions among their target audiences. It judged that ‘the aggregate picture is one of neutral or very modest positive shifts’.

Future programmes should ‘avoid sensationalist or shocking imagery in climate change messages, since respondents are likely to find this off-putting’, it said.

The report added that those attracted to the projects were ‘already interested in climate change’. It suggested that in many cases organisations viewed the funding as ‘a way to secure additional resources {Green Lie defenders scamming for cash? No. Fucking. Way.-ed}’.

Folks, this story has it all: wasteful spending on irrelevant rojects, Government Sponsored Propaganda and Brainwashing, and hardly any net gain for the proponents of the programs. In other words, Obama is probably cranking up the money press to fund something twice as FAILtastic and brainwash-y in this country. Fuck this shit. Fuck it hard, fast, long, and often with the syphiliis soaked sploogerocket of spiked stupidity.


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