November 17, 2009

Fuck You, Jodie Evans!

Seriously, I can add nothing to this, other than to wish Jodie Evans an eternity of having to face the souls of the brave servicemembers who have fallen while fighting the people with whom she met.

What makes this worse is that she is a major fundraiser for Obama, and is seen in this video presenting him with a petition regarding Afghanistan.

Ok. I stand corrected. I do have something to say:
Fuck you lefties. Fuck you up your naughty parts with the metric assload firepower of an A-10 Warthog! You fucking call us "traitors" and "un-American" because we oppose FUCKING POLICIES that will fuck our country up like the Newfish at Shawshank, and yet you think it is kosher TO FUCKING MEET WITH OUR FUCKING ENEMIES ON THE BATTLEFIELD? Fuck you!

This is not "truth to power" or legally protected demonstrations in this country. This is not leaking some shit to a friendly newspaper to help undermine an administration. This is not writing some stupid shit on the internet or saying something foolish on the airwaves. This is fucking collaborating with the fucking enemy. This is working with the enemy to devise a strategy to help defeat the United States of America on the battlefield.

And don't give me this fucking peace mission bullshit. Leave that stuff to the internationally recognized entities or via official (or semi-official) government (or quasi-government) channels. Leave it to Henry Fucking Kissinger and his sexy specs. Leave it to Bill Fucking the Secretary In The Garden Clinton. Leave it to Spongefuckingbob Squarefuckingpants. But not a fucking bunch of trustfund limousine liberals who do not even feign support for our side. This was a mission designed to undermine the morale of those brave folks in theater and provide a fund raising vehicle for you and your Hollywood botox inflated brains.

And what the fucking fuckity fuck with a jet engine is this fucking traitor even within the same breathing space with Obama? I fucking hope to fucking Gaiarape that your fucking stupid ugly traitor asses went on your own and not with the official ambassadorial envoy protected status of the United States Government. If that is the case, then cast the shame of all shames upon this Administration. Shame on them for telling these shebitches that they are even welcome at his table and considered a legitimate entity. I fucking hope Obama took your letter and wiped his ass with it. I fucking hope he takes the money you raise for him and sticks it out in Afghanistan, just to stick it to you. And I fucking hope you someday run into the family of a fallen soldier away from your bodyguards and fellow hairy armpits crowd.

Fuck you, Jodie Evans. Fuck you Code Pink. And Fuck anybody with a rusty bayonet who donates money to these useless jizzrags.

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