August 26, 2009

Fuck You, Jim Moran

Fuck you with a magnetized piece of rusty steel. Fuck your past racist, anti-Semitic, and anti-Troops statements. Fuck you for your attempts to coddle our enemies and ream us with shitty legislation. I have no fucking sympathy for you after reading about what happened at your town hall.

Inside, the scene was just as raucous. Moran -- fuming that his introduction of Dean was met with jeers -- finally lost his temper with the crowd.

"There are hundreds of people in this gymnasium who can't hear [Howard "Screaming" Dean] because of a handful of people," Moran said. "These folks are not from the 8th District {proof?-ed}, they don't really belong here, and I'm going to ask them to leave."

Moran is a supporter of the $1.6 trillion House health care bill that would create a new government health option. The bill, mired in disputes among Democratic factions, has proved a lightning rod in town hall meetings across America.

The meeting hosted by Moran contrasted sharply to a town hall in Springfield held by 11th District Democrat Gerry Connolly earlier in the day.

Connolly on Tuesday told hundreds of seniors at Springfield's Greenspring Retirement Community that he would oppose any health care measure that "in any way, shape or form does any harm to Medicare."

The more than 400-strong crowd -- made up largely of highly educated, white-collar retirees -- showed little of the outsized rage seen at other town hall meetings. Many, however, expressed deep skepticism over how a public health insurance plan would be paid for, given spiraling federal deficits, or how it would interfere with existing care.

The legislation before Congress "doesn't pass the smell test," said Katherine Featherstone, whose husband suffered from Alzheimer's disease and died last year. She worried that, under the federal program, she would have lost decision-making abilities over treatment and "some panel of bureaucrats would decide what his treatment would be and whether or not it was cost-effective."

Yeah, Congressman. Fuck you. You didn't like it that your educated district is telling you to stick that piece of shit legislation up your ass? Boo fucking hoo. I love the fact that usually docile and compliant (and reliably Democrat) voters are speaking up. And your childish reaction to your own voters is even better.


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