April 19, 2010

Filthy, Racist, White Trash Teabaggers Doing Something Or Other, Vol. Eleventy

Yeah, I just hate seeing those racist, violent, traitorous teabagging thugs being all racist, violent, and traitorous.

At this point, the invective the left is throwing at those of us opposed to Teh Won proves that they are frustrated and angry for seeing not only their power slip away from them, but their old bag of tricks is not working as it did in the past. And you know what? I fucking love it. I fucking love seeing them in a panic because their OODA loop is being fucked with, and they don't know how to react to it.

Oh well. Fuck them. Fuck them with Charlie Sheen's fake mustache for what they are doing to my daughter's future, and sneering at us when we protest. Fuck them for calling legitimate and legal protests terrorism and sedition. And fuck them just because I can't fucking stand to be around them.

And in case you lefties still fail to see that your projection of your sins upon us is foolish, feats your fucking eyes on this:

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