June 23, 2009

Excuse Me If I Don't Give A Flying Fuck What You Think

Moron Central linked this post on the sidebar, but I think it is so hilariously illustrative of how bug fuck stupid the left in this country really is that it deserves the loving affection I believe I can give it.

Warning! The outpouring of profanity and crude sexual references may cause NetNanny's heart to go a twitter.

First of all, dumbfuckelstilskin, you don't like it?  TOO. FUCKING. BAD.

Do you really know who/what the Basiji really are and what they really do? Why not take this first big boot of knowledge up your otherwise occupied ass of ignorance.

Under the command of the Revolutionary Guards, they would charge blindly across minefields with plastic keys, symbolising the martyr's entry to paradise, strung round their necks.

Officially, the Basij today number some five million: but only a fraction of its cadres are thought to be active.

Many joined simply for the benefits membership confers: an easier route to university or increased chances of promotion in government jobs.

In contrast, the armed men prowling the streets last week are a hard core, totally committed to the Supreme Leader and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Many of them take a cue from Hajji Bakhshi, a grizzled veteran of the war with Iraq, who drives around Tehran in a bullet-riddled pick-up truck exhorting his followers to confront the forces of imperialism.

These are the animals who are probably responsible for the shooting of Neda, the young lady who's death has become a rallying cry for all of those supporting the protests. Needless to say, they should be treated with the same amount of mercy they extend to their own citizens.

Also, as somebody who has the brain function of a stopped clock, Mr. Raw Story needs to understand what the Basiji protect, which is the Mullahocracy, and their puppet, Mahmoud Ahmedinejad. And what have the mullahs unleashed on the world over the last 30 years? Let me tell you, the Titan V of Doucherockets, in a way that even you can understand:
  1. Iran has been one of, if not THE, leading exporters of terrorism since 1979.
  2. Iran has fostered a client state within the once idyllic nation of Lebanon by supporting Hizbollah. Hizbollah has undertaken numerous suicide bombing attacks against Americans, including the murder of over 60 of them at the U.S. Embassy and at least 241 Marines while they were in their barracks. Hizbollah has also fired rockets into Israel and started a war in 2006.
  3. Iran has trained, facilitated, and housed the Mahdi Army and other Shiite terrorist elements that have killed numerous brave American and Allied Servicemen in Iraq since 2003.
  4. Iran is actively seeking nuclear weapons, which they openly profess will be aimed right at Israel, and also offloaded to clients to use elsewhere in the world.
  5. Iran has brutalized her own people, including torturing of gay people, and denying her people the freedoms we take for granted.
I could go on, but I believe that even Raw Story might see what evil Iran has foisted upon the world. As a result, I could give a shit if you are offended when I cheer average Iranians taking on the thugs who enforce the evil I referenced above. You don't like it? Too. Fucking. Bad. Go eat some hot dogs and ice cream with the "calm, measured, and unflappable" Barry O.

Oh, and you say you don't like seeing Basiji getting routed by the people they are supposed to terrorize? You don't like seeing people willing to take to the streets to fight the government that would otherwise send them to "re-education" camps? You don't like seeing people fight for their freedom and right to choose, even if it means potentially dying so that others may realize that freedom? Then I guess you'll be as scared of this video as you are when you have to walk past a rack of Hustlers, Penthouses, And Big Jiggling Jug Jubilees at the local bookstore.

How fucking pathetic is it that women (no offense, ladies) who are forced to cover up their bodies have bigger brass balls than you, mister liberal?

Thanks, Alice H for the video tip.

Anyway, get fucked sideways, hippie.

Thank you, and good night.

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