June 24, 2009

Everything has an expiration date. Everything.

Oh, look there, Pres. Obama is finally telling the truth about mandating health insurance.  Well.  Maybe.  Who knows what the position is going to be tomorrow?

Obama in the debate with then Sen. Clinton:  Mr. Obama said "the only difference between Senator Clinton's health care plan and mine is that she thinks the problem for people without health care is that nobody has mandated -- forced -- them to get health care. That's not what I'm seeing around Nevada. What I see are people who would love to have health care. They -- they desperately want it. But the problem is they can't afford it."

He underlined again during the debate: "I don't think that the problem with the American people is that they are not being forced to get health care."

Pres. Obama now:

The president said that "any program that we put in place, I think there will be some phase-in period.  So that we can calibrate and adjust to make sure that there really is affordability there before we start trying to penalize people.  But I think my thinking on the issue of mandates has evolved.  And I think that that is typical of most people who study this problem deeper."

Yes, yes, I headlined this that everything Pres. Obama says has an expiration date.  But this time I don't think that's the case.  I think that he was flat out lying in the Nevada debate.  He knew damn well there would have to be mandates but he wanted to score some cheap easy points.  See, it's either that or he is point blank admitting that he and his advisors did not deeply study this problem during his interminable Presidential campaign.  Then there is option three which is the everything has an expiration date theory.  None of these are particularly flattering to the Obama Administration.

You know, one of the reasons I detested former Pres. Clinton so much was because he had no core values.  However, he at least appeared to know about the issues he was attempting to triangulate.  Pres. Obama?  The constant and immediate position shifts are bordering on the pathological. 
I mean, who can say that this position is now going to be the true one?  It's been a few hours, it probably something else now.

Mandates are coming though, of that I have no doubt. I, for one, can't wait until I am able to claim with a straight face that my being fat is a political statement of resistance towards the concept that the government has a right to tell me what to do with my body.  Chocolate cake as speaking truth to power ftw!

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