November 11, 2009

Dumb liberal CEO tricks

Citadel (formerly ABC Radio) took two major hits, the first being the passing of Paul Harvey, and the second being their hostile behavior to Hannity, which drove him to rival network Clear Channel.  The CEO of Citadel is a lefty who appears to be driving out conservative broadcasters in the network, while taking on Imus and replacing successful conservative talk radio shows with unsuccessful no-name liberals and old windbags. 

The executive board made it very clear to Hannity that they didn't like him, one of the execs even went so far as to refuse to board a plane with him.  So, how are they doing?  Well, they're now looking at Chapter 11.  Yeah, liberals are so fucking stupid they'll bankrupt their own large corporations before having to tolerate hearing a conservative viewpoint.

I'm not a big Hannity fan, the guy is far, far too willing to fellate anything with an -R next to it, and is not much of a thinker or debater, but it's still amazing that he'd be treated like that by the executive board for his political views, particularly when he's raking in millions, probably tens of millions for them.

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