December 18, 2009

Do You Really Want To Go There? Really?

I mean, really?

From the TPM memo:

Their strategy: GOP just wants to rewind the clock to Bush era.

"The Republican party in Washington today is no different than the Republican party that ran the Congress before," {true. The GOP still ignores its base-ed} Van Hollen said.

It's a message they will push especially in districts where there are repeat Republican candidates

Democrats think the economy will actually work to their advantage - if there is an uptick, they can say they stepped in to save it from a deeper dive and say Republicans voted 'No' on every piece of legislation that helped to turn it around.

"The big question will be who was on your side during this very difficult period of time," {if fucking the country with nice smelling lube is your idea of "on my side", I'll take the dry run instead-ed}he said.

But if it doesn't get better?

Then there's real danger, Democrats say privately.

But to give a sense of how much more difficult the landscape is this time around, Van Hollen detailed that 42 members are in their "Frontline" program of toughest battlegrounds {almost the same number of seats the GOP needs to regain the House.-ed}, a number that has increased as they scooped up GOP seats over the last few years.

"We are living with the results of our own successes, {!}" he said.

That gives them a smaller playing field to go on offense.

As we have reported, Van Hollen said the Democratic message next year will be deficit reduction, from President Obama's State of the Union address on down to the rank-and-file.

Van Hollen was pressed on whether a frustrated base of liberal Democrats would stay home from the polls next year, and he said that while many have forgotten about children's health care, the fair pay act and education reform, they are "all measures we could not get passed" under then-President George W. Bush.

Van Hollen said members who benefited from record turnout in 2008 "will have to be very clear that the future success of the Obama agenda is at stake and even though president is not on the ballot {but they seem determined to put a FORMER President on the ballot?-ed}that everyone who supported the president in the last election has to get out and support candidates [to boost] the president's agenda."

My take?

Bring it, motherfuckers! Fucking bring it all the fucking way  to my friend's mom's bedroom! You really, really, really want to bring President Bush up as a campaign issue? You really want to bring up the "Are you better off..." campaign slogan? Really? ReallY? Holy Fucking The Teacher's Aide After Hours In The Staff Room Shit! You fuckfisters of FAIL are a fucking godfuckingsend by making the GOP seem competent.

How fucking sad of an indictment of you, your party, and the Unicorn King is it that you can't even campaign on a positive fucking agenda? How fucking sad is it that in order to motivate your base and possibly sway independents and the David Brooks/Peggy Noonan/Kathleen Parker axis is that Obama is not Bush? How fucking 2008 is that? You fucktastic flayers of the fuckbag of FAIL called Bush the dumbest motherfucker ever, yet you still fucking run against him? Weak, man. Fucking weak.

Here's a fucking idea you milkers of mule prostates. How about running on your record and fucking defending it? How about a message for the fucking future? You can't? Oh, that's right, because you dyssentery drenched dickfisters of disaster and dipshittery have damn near bullet proof majorities and still can't get anyfuckingthing accomplished. You fucking can't because things have gotten worse after your policies have been enacted. The stimulus was a loser, healthcare is limping along like the chicken after a night with Charles Johnson, cap & trade & Copenhagen are bigger flops than Andrew Sullivan's homemade pr0n movies, and now, you fusillades of fucking flopsweat are pissing and moaning at each other? Hell, at this fucking point, I would rather settle for nothing than the shitstain of failure you guys have on your scorecard right now.

Fuck you, Democrats! Fuck you with the radioactive whale dick of FAIL. Fuck you for not even running a decent campaign strategery and making 2010 too fucking easy for us. Fuck you next year on election day. And fuck you for making me stock up on boner pills to keep up with all the fun I am gonna have next year.

Enjoy 2009, Democrats, for next year will make you long for these sald tossing days.


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