May 27, 2010

Dear John Meacham Of PBS:

Fuck you. Seriously, fuck you thundercock style in the fuckstorm of lightning and fucking with the flying fuckbeagle of fuck's fucking evil stepbitch's tongue.

Fuck you for year after fucking year of Bush = Hitler shit, snuff pr0n fantasies about Bush and the US troops, Code Pink vandalism, SEIU violence, attacks on recruiting stations, and so forth, for saying that the written word calling for lawful opposition to Obama's policies equals terrorism. Fuck you and your intellectually fucking paucity for trying to tie Lee Harvey Oswald (huh?) to the folks who oppose Obama. Fuck you for damn near hoping that violence does occur so that you can blame your opponents for it. And fuck you fuck fuck fuckity fuck style from the fuckdumpster of fuck and refuckingcycling for not knowing what the fuck you are talking about.

You want violence, Fucklick McFuckstain? Look at any leftist gathering. You'll see plenty of it there. But I guess that's OK to you, right? I guess union beatings are OK, right? I guess naked shower attacks on Capitol Hill are OK, right? And I really fucking guess you see nothing wrong with people being bussed into a neighborhood to trash and desecrate the house of a FUCKING PRIVATE BUSINESSMAN who stands in the way of your agenda, right? Well, fuck you, for I will not tolerate it.

No, I will not fucking tolerate the lies and bullshit you promulgate. I will not tolerate the violence that your side performs (and you ignore). And I will fucking the gash of glory not tolerate your lies to go unreported. Fuck you, John Meacham. Fuck you in a time warp.

No, John Fucking Meacham, let me briefly educate you on how I view the world. I have been blessed because of my schedule to spend four full days with my daughter, and nothing has filled me with greater joy than to see her running around, innocent and free, or to hear her squeals of delight from petting a stingray at the zoo or finally seeing a real fucking rainbow. This little critter peacefully sleeping in her room is entitled as an American to the widest array of opportunities ever to face humankind. And the policies of your side? They fucking want to ruin those opportunities. You are content with ruining my daughter's future and making her a wage slave to Big Brother and The Angry Worf for her life. And you see no problem with telling her to get in line and suffer like the rest of us.

Well, fuck you, John Meacham. I will not tolerate that. I will not stand for my child getting hosed because of people like you and the ideas you endorse. And I will fucking Gaia damned fucking do whatever it is I can LAWFULLY do to take you and your agenda and give it a Gloryhole Goatse of Ghastliness that would cause an overworked Thai Pr0n0 star to say, "Damn! That's too much!" But you know what I won't do? I will not behave violently, unless you come onto my property or violate my person. I fucking believe in the rule of law and the Constitution, and I will not fucking act like a fucking domestic terrorist. And as much as I politically disagree with Obama, I will not fucking tolerate anybody who wishes him harm, which you seem to project upon us.

Fuck you, John Meacham. I love this country too much to become what you think I am because of my politics and my hopes for my daughter. And fuck you for thinking so. Go to fucking hell, John. And get xylofucked by reality for good measure.

***BTW, thanks to Sean for a comment at H2 for inspiring me.

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