July 07, 2010


Try incredibly fucking unconstitutional, under both the US and Michigan constitutions:

A recent directive in the Plymouth-Canton Community Schools urges administrators to scan resumes for "cues" that applicants are from a minority racial group. Tip-offs can include job-seekers' residence, college attendance, fraternity or church membership and employment history.

Yeah, all of those "cues"? Those are things that would get you sued, as they damn well should, if you used them to disqualify a candidate based on membership in a minority racial group. It's just as discriminatory to use them to eliminate a member of the majority group.

h/t the blog prof who has a great point: "On second thought, it is interesting that liberals want to beat conservatives over the head with a legal shovel when it suits their purposes. But when the law is against their ideological goals, they flip it the finger. The handgun ban recently passed in Chicago comes to mind right after the Supreme Court upheld the 2nd amendment. This case of discrimination in violation of the Michigan Constitution and the equal protection clause of the US Constitution are 2 really good examples of that mentality."

Exactly.  In 2006, the Michigan state Constitution was specifically amended to eliminate the use of race in state public education.  I cannot conceive of how this would comply with that constitutional mandate.  But, hey, since this is For The Children, who gives a damn if it's illegal.  I'm sure the taxpayers will be thrilled to pay the legal defense fees for the lawsuits over this, what with the intentions being so pure and all.

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