March 27, 2010

Bring. It. Bitch.

Remember. We teabaggers are the hateful ones.

Oh and below the fold is something I've wanted to say about the teabagging slur for awhile now.
I have the same response to the term teabagging that a character on Deadwood had about the term cuntlicker - why the hell is it an insult?  Unless you believe that teabagging is per se done without consent, in which case it's rape, then why the fuck is there a problem with it?

Now, look, from my perspective as a gamer, teabagging is an insult because one teabags one's opponent after capping his/her ass.  Which, yes, does mean it's being done without consent.  But I am spectacularly certain that most in the press and politics who are using it have never been on xbox live.  They're just trying to be all smirky smirky funny.

It's funny how the ever so freaking openminded liberals think that a voluntary sexual activity that rates like a 0.5 on the kink level is a slur. 

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