February 24, 2009

Blind faith she argues. Bite me, says I.

Okay I've now reached my limit of responding to various things with a lack of profanity. Seriously, I was breaking out in hives. This right here pushed me over the line. From this article regarding the rising backlash against Obama's housing plan:

Like Braley, Alyssa Katz, author of “Our Lot: How Real Estate Came to Own Us,” a book due out in June about the making of the mortgage crisis, says she does not believe the message has come through clearly enough yet — and that the administration needs to do more to make sure it does.

“Ultimately, yes, it’s about homeowners, but it’s about the stability of the financial markets,” she says. “We have to give up this illusion that it’s about you and me. We have to accept, sort of blindly, the notion that we have to do this for the sake of the nation. Whether you’re lucky and get aid or you already lost your home and you’re screwed, we’re all in this together.”

Ms. Katz, with all due respect, you can bite me. I do not have to accept jack shit with blind faith. If you want to make the argument that this is the least bad option to deal with the current situation, by all means do so. But do not fucking tell me that I have to accept one fucking thing that my elected leaders do on blind faith. Fuck. That. Sideways. With. A. Chainsaw. 

Seriously, this attitude right there, that we plebes must listen to our betters, is precisely what makes me want to go back to proclaiming myself an anarchist.  No, I will not Believe in Hope and Change.  No.  Persuade me.  Explain to me.  Hell, I'm willing to accept that this situation totally fucking sucks and, yeah, there will be things that are done that may result in moral hazards but the alternative is worse.  I am not, by any means, convinced of that at this point. 

But to fucking tell me that I have to put aside the concept of individual rights and responsibilities and just blindly accept The Plan is so utterly arrogantly idiotic that the only response left is profanity. 

Ms. Katz, you have a book coming out.  I'm certain that in the book you make your argument with facts and in an intellectually consistent manner.  Or at least I'm willing to give you the benefit of that doubt on that.  But I will not fucking believe what you say on blind faith.  The only person in whom I believe with blind faith is God.  Obama?  Not God.  Ms. Katz?  Not God.  Everyone else?  Not God.  All y'all have to explain. 

I will repeat, this is the root of the anger.  Questioning why a responsible person must pay for someone else's irresponsibility is a completely fair and legitimate part of discourse.  To be told, effectively, sit down shut up and know your place is magnificently insulting. 

That's the backlash.  That's the anger.  Our elected class and much of the punditry needs to be slapped down, hard, and reminded that they fucking work for us. 

Accept on blind faith my huge lily white ass. 

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