July 24, 2008

Better than you

A Democratic Congressional candidate may want to represent Ohioans, but she doesn't, ya know, want to be seen with them:

Democratic congressional candidate Mary Jo Kilroy sent a look-alike to rural parade.Much like Saddam Hussein, Ohio 15th congressional district Democratic candidate Mary Jo Kilroy uses body doubles when she tires of having to deal with all of the little people she intends to represent.

Such was the case last week when Kilroy sent her campaign body double to represent her at the Plain City Steam Thresher parade. Apparently the Amish-dominated city was too tough a crowd for Kilroy to handle. Matt Naugle broke the story this morning on his much-watched Ohio political blog, NaugBlog, complete with video of her stand-in's performance captured by the Ohio Republican Party.

We wouldn't want Kilroy to get her hands dirty by actually getting close to the proletariat.  She doesn't have to do that.  She belongs to the party of the Little Peopletm.


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