May 22, 2009

Are you kidding me?

No, really?

It seems to be a new Cheneyite talking point that x% of those already released from Guantanamo have "returned to the battlefield." From the evidence I've seen the claim itself is questionable. But if it's true, how is this a point in favor of Cheney and the Bush administration?
Um, well, Josh, it's because you and Obama and all of your lefty pals have been arguing that we should release all of the Gitmo prisoners since about September 12, 2001.

And Cheney and the Bush administration argued that they ought to be detained until the war that they started on 9/11 (I'm being generous here, considering the idea that they started this war in 1979 with the Iranian embassy invasion and continued with the Beirut bombing, USS Cole attack, etc.) could be brought to an end.

Oh, and since this came out just a week before the era of Hope and Change actually began, I can understand your reluctance to believe it. After all, everything that came from the government before The One officially ascended was a contemptible lie. Even when it came from your buddies in the MSM.


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