March 27, 2010

Are Democrats Hoping To Cash In On Violence?

Let me begin here: if the stories about any violence suggested or directed at members of Congress, their families, or others do occur, those who really do threaten people need to be dealt with. That said, I do find it ironic that as some of the stories about perceived threats over the legislative goatse party magically are less covered now than a few days ago, one Congressman and his media allies who all but crafted out of thin air a story about threats made against him now uses it in a fundraising letter.

Gee, it's almost as if the peaceful Democrats are hoping for something bad to happen, so that they can capitalize on it.

Fuck you, you ghouls. Fuck you with the flames of history you are hoping and wishing to recreate. Fuck you for your crass opportunism, hypocrisy, and desire to see people hurt to advance your goals. Fuck you And fucking fuck you with a fucking rusty candle if you think I will take your bait.

No, my act will be the ballot box. My act will be to expose your shit, hate, lies, and manufactured outrage. And my act will be to help send your asses to the retirement home or that mythical lobbying job you've been promised.

So fuck off,  lefties. And take your fundraising letters with you.

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