May 10, 2010

You want to go, motherfucker?

Okay, let's go...

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid lashed out at Republicans as the “anti-immigrant party” in an interview aired Sunday on Univision.
Here's the thing. The people who live on either side of me are from China. Across the street? From India and South Korea. I was born here. And we all get along just fine.

Stick with me here.

On the day when I turned eighteen, my dad took me out to register to vote. For most of my teenage years, I was pretty ignorant of politics. But, then, I happened to read a copy of P.J. O'Rourke's brilliant Parliament of Whores that my uncle had lying around, and I instantly became a conservative. So, I registered as a Republican.

Meanwhile, I grew up in a Southern California of changing demographics. Very few of my friends' parents were born here. Before we could drive on our own, for instance, a Bengali woman took us to school every day. My best friend's dad built up a successful air conditioning business after coming here with next to nothing. Hell, I can't even tell you how often one of my friends' mothers insisted that I eat something wonderful (or, occasionally, not so much) from their home country before I left their homes.

Why am I going on about all of this? Because I'm a Republican and I fucking love immigrants. Immigrants are the people who come here because they fucking love this country so much that they're fine with leaving their own countries, which can't be an easy decision. They build businesses here, add their arts and traditions and cuisines to our life, and produce ME. I'm living in SoCal instead of squatting in a bog in Ireland, after all.

And, here's where we come full-circle:

Republicans like me aren't "anti-immigrant," you fucking Senatorial douchebag.  We're against the people who stick their thumbs in the eyes of our friends and neighbors, the people who took the time to do it the right way and come here to open a dry cleaning shop or a restaurant or invent something new or whatever it takes to survive in America.

You know what you are, Harry? You're the "pro-lawlessness party." And you're gonna lose. Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

We actually love immigrants. And we love the Constitution that they swear allegiance to when they become citizens.

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May 07, 2010

In DC, we like to tax everything...

...even gym memberships. Hey, Jim Graham, how about we set up an Ugly-Ass Grandma Glasses Tax and see how you like it?


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DCCC looking to abandon Hawaii House race

Over the nasty, nasty fight between the two Democrat candidates and is splitting the vote, while Republican Charles Djou is gaining.

Sorry, House race, durrrrrr.  Me ams smrt todae.

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May 06, 2010

Dow plummeting

Not good, panic over Greece and the status of Europe's banks and economy...

A fucking typo?

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May 05, 2010

Here's something I would like to see the Oh So Tolerant And Caring Say

Instead of "We do not support any acts of hatred or bigotry to Muslims":

How about "We do not support any ideology that will chop off the heads of those who are queer"

How about "We do not support any ideology that will stone to death a woman for being raped"

How about "We do not support any ideology that demands that women be placed in clothing that covers them from head to toe"

How about "We do not support any ideology that believes that women should not be educated"

I'm sure you can come up with others, I'm too blindly furious to do so.

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That's not stupid, it's el stupido.

I guess I'm the only blogger here who thinks this is funny.
The Phoenix Suns are going to wear jerseys tonight that say, "Los Suns" in solidarity with illegal aliens.

Considering that "Sun" in Spanish is "Sol", all that does is make me think of W.C. Fields asking where he can get an "El Drink-o".

Related: First, I own the world suggests that, in solidarity with illegal aliens, we all sneak into sports venues.
Then they linked to Exurban Jon's tweets to the Suns, there are a bunch of them that are great.
Including this gem
@PhoenixSuns Here's how you avoid being called hypocrites: Don't man the arena gates & whoever sneaks in w/out a ticket gets to stay!

And my personal favorite
@PhoenixSuns You're right that Arizona is just like Nazi Germany. They never won an NBA championship either!

What I can't figure out is how blatant stupidity ever became so accepted in America and when it happened that the truly stupid could act so smug after acting like idiots and not just get a Nelson "Ha-ha".

I mean, everybody used to understand Meathead was just as much an idiot as Archie Bunker.
Now? His intellectual equals are running our country.

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Welcome to the future

As Mark Steyn has noted, you can't get people to give back entitlements, no matter how desperate the financial situation. Greece is the perfect example. There's no money. The situation is dire. The budget cuts must be made. There is no magic answer.

The response? Massive riots, including possibly 20 people trapped in a burning bank.

This goes with Sean's post below.  If you read that article, the family involved are not only completely shameless about living on the dole but also believe that they are owed more. 

There has been talk about a "cultural war" here in the States for quite some time.  Well, it's looking like it's approaching a boiling point both here and worldwide.  The European version of social welfare is dependent on a work ethic that is undermined by the welfare state itself.  Why should anyone work?  Why should those who do work be expected to pay for those who don't?

This is going to get far uglier before it gets better.

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May 04, 2010

Thoughts on teabagging

There. That got your attention. It appears that our Esteemed Leader is perfectly happy with calling his opponents a sexual slur.

Stay classy, Obama. 

Here are the promised thoughts on teabagging.  When I think of teabagging, I immediately think of Halo and how much I suck at it.  Why are those two things linked? Because when playing Xbox Live, it is traditional to teabag your opponent after beating him/her.  Considering my Epic Suck at Halo, I am somewhat familiar with witnessing my avatar being teabagged.  The entire point of it is to display dominance and to humiliate your opponent.

This is why I find it utterly hilarious that the Left is using teabagging as a pejorative.  Generally, it is far far better to be the teabagger than the teabaggee.   I've had some hilarious and very profane discussions about this exact subject.  Attempting to insult me by referring to me as the dominant person constitutes Fail. 

Now, I get why people are insulted by the use of the term.  It's crude, vulgar and I could have gone my entire life without having to explain what it meant to my mother who gets mad when people say damn on television.  There is an undertone of sexual violence to it that is quite nasty.  But still.  If you want to recognize that I just capped your ass and I get to celebrate, by all means, feel free to do so.

I do wish that our country was being lead by a President who does not use terms in the Urban Dictionary to describe his opponents.  It displays Obama's utter lack of dignity and respect for the office.

(You'll note the absence of the Pres. before Obama.  That is purposeful.  I will show the amount of respect to him that he deserves)

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