February 17, 2009

Sigh. Yet Another Poll That Seems To Have Been Thrown Down The Memory Hole.

Gee. I'm starting to wonder if the media will ignore polls that go against what they want to promote.

Forty-seven percent (47%) oppose government-imposed political balance on radio stations, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. Fifteen percent (15%) are not sure which course is better.

These findings are a dramatic nine-point drop-off in support for the Fairness Doctrine from a survey last August when 47% said the government should require all radio and television stations to offer balanced political commentary.

Thanks to Nice Deb.


Look at who opposes the Fairness Doctrine.

Co-host Mac Watson asked Carter, "Do you think the Fairness Doctrine is something that should be brought back in the 21st century? This is something that came out in the '30s — should there be a place for the Fairness Doctrine?"

Carter responded, "Well, I liked it when it first came out, because I was just a child listening to programs, and I liked to hear some limits on some of the programs. But no. As a matter of fact, when I was president is when we deregulated radio, television, all the communications and relationships, so I have not been in favor of perpetuating the Fairness Doctrine since I've been in politics."

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Congratulations Dictator-for-Life Hugo Chavez...

...from the U.S. State Department!


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Stealing An Idea From Limbaugh

Why not start screaming "FAIL!" if things don't improve tomorrow?

Hell, that's what the Moonbats did for 8 years, so why can't we?

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Funny. I Don't Recall Seeing This Poll In The Media.

Gee, I wonder why that could be?

Middle-income Americans are more likely to believe the bill will hurt rather than help. Those with incomes below $40,000 or above $100,000 are more optimistic.

By a 49% to 24% margin, government employees believe the stimulus plan will help the economy. Private sector workers are evenly divided. Investors are less optimistic than non-investors.

Fifty percent (50%) of voters believe the bill consists primarily of new government spending while 31% believe it is primarily a mix of new spending and tax cuts. Only eight percent (8%) think the legislation consists primarily of tax cuts. According to news reports, the stimulus plan is made up of $281 billion in tax cuts for individuals and businesses and over $500 billion in new government spending.

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As for the political implications, 78% recognize that almost all Democrats in Congress voted for the bill and almost all Republicans voted against it. No Republicans in the House of Representatives voted for the stimulus plan. Prior to passage of the legislation, polls showed that support for the stimulus was tied strongly to support for President Obama.

Thirty-two percent (32%) say they’re more likely to vote for someone who supported the bill in Congress while 35% said they’re less likely to vote for someone who supported it. Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter, one of three Republicans who voted for the stimulus in the Senate, has been hurt politically for his decision.

Sixty-six percent (66%) of Democrats say the plan will help the economy, and only 10% believe it will hurt. Among Republicans, 49% say it will hurt, and 30% say it will have little impact. Among those not affiliated with either major party, 27% say it will help, and 34% think it will hurt the economy.

Following passage of the stimulus bill, consumer confidence fell to a record low. It has been falling to new lows will regularity since early 2008. Confidence in the nation’s banking system also has plummeted. [/blocqkuote]

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February 16, 2009

You'll pry my Val-U-Rite from my cold dead hands...

Eco-friendly vodka. The only valid use for this is to molotov treehuggers.

worst vodka ever

Let's take a quick walk around their site...


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February 15, 2009

For reals?

I just read something disturbing in the Los Angeles Times:

Backstage at the White House, there has been confusion and even discord, evidence that Team Obama might be populated by mortals after all.
Wow, really? Next you'll tell me that George W. Bush wasn't actually a chimp.

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Oregon Wants To Raise Beer Tax?

Fuck you, Oregon! Fuck you!

There are two kegs in a barrel of beer, so the new tax would be almost $25 per keg -- which works out to around 20 cents per pint in a 128-pint half-barrel keg.

Money generated would create the Alcohol Impact Remediation fund, which would distribute funds to various agencies that address treatment and recovery programs. 

One of the owners of Ninkasi Brewing Company in Eugene say one of the reasons that Oregon is the nations capital for craft brewing is because of its low taxes on beer. 

"Oregonians drink more craft beer than anyone else in the country, and it's a reason why it's been such a strong industry, and it would be unfortunate if it were to be hampered by something like this," said Nikos Ridge, co-owner of Ninkasi Brewing Company. 

He also added that the new tax may cause some breweries to cut costs, resulting in job losses, making an already bad economy even worse.

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February 13, 2009

In other news, water is wet

Oh, look, it's a liberal complaining about Karl Rove:

Of Rove's criticism of Obama's economic stimulus plan, Axelrod said: "The last thing that I think we are looking for at this juncture is advice on fiscal integrity or ethics from Karl Rove -- anyone who's read the newspapers for the last eight years would laugh at that."
And anybody who's been paying attention to the news for the last, oh, I don't know, two and a half weeks or so would laugh at you pitching a bitch about "fiscal integrity" or "ethics," Dave.

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February 12, 2009

The obvious explanation

Caterpillar CEO James Owens must be wrong:

"Yesterday, Jim, the head of Caterpillar, said that if Congress passes our plan, this company will be able to rehire some of the folks who were just laid off," Obama said today in Peoria.

But when asked today if the stimulus could do that, Owens said, "I think, realistically, no. The honest reality is we're probably going to have more layoffs before we start hiring again."

B-but the stimulus is supposed to fix everything!  Next you'll be telling me that I'm not really getting a unicorn or free gas for life.

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Shocka! Team Hope And Change Messing With Press Briefing Transcripts!

And it seems as though the Deciders may be starting to take note.

Press briefing transcripts for February 4th, 5th and 6th 2009 are no longer listed at http://www.whitehouse.gov/pressbriefings/ and their old links will gift you an Official White House 404 message.

Monday's Air Force One Press Gaggle is missing from the list but the link still currently works. Monday's first Presidential Press Conference, not hosted under the Press Briefings section, still remains available on the site.

Besides the continuing delayed and slow posting time of press briefing transcripts, the team running the whitehouse.gov site has had a confusing and conflicting information architecture since the site's relaunch. URL references have flipped back and forth between different standards and styles for postings, so we just assume this is another glitch in their operation.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't this supposed to be the Most Tech Savviest Awesomest White House Evah!!!1!!1!@!!

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When An Agitprop Documentarian Wants Help For A Project On Wall Street, Where Should He Turn?

If you said, "the dankest of fever swamps", please collect your prize.

And the results were predictably hilarious.

Actually, I think Spitzer could come out from behind his 'shame' and do some good here.  

He did what a lot of people do, what David Vitter did, only he, like Siegelman, was on the wrong side of the aisle, and was brought down.

Spitzer could easily talk to US Attorneys, and spill, and it would go a long way, IMO, to wipe the slate clean, even if it probably couldn't rehabilitate him politically.

And then this one:

Spitzer's problem wasn't hypocrisy...it was that he went after WALLSTREET and was going to continue to go after wallstreet as gov so he HAD to be 'taken out' and the easiest way to make sure no one complained (to much) was to take him out by making a federal case out of a private sexual matter (sound familiar) (mumbles monica)...

For all anyone knows this was a total set up and spitzer was to stupid to see it coming.   little head vs BIG HEAD syndrome brings people like spitzer down all the time but if you want to point the finger of hypocrisy at someone in the spitzer mess, point it at ALL the people who clucked their tongues and wagged their fingers and demanded Spitzer resign for doing what most of THEM were also doing.... CHEATING.

Spitzers real crime was going after wallstreet but no one was going to demand he resign as NY's gov for that.


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Patrick Leahy Wants Show Trials Of Team Bush

The desire of the Kossified Democrats to hold show trials against various members of the Bush Administration for various "offenses" has been well known for years. However, Sen. Patrick Leahy (Asshole-VT), chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, wants to exact retribution for the damnable offense of investigating and wasting money on Bill Clinton after he had already left office.

Only fly in the ointment? That never happened.

You know, I am starting to believe that the Democrats may not be very bright. Too bad the Republicans are pretty clueless as well.

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February 11, 2009

Failure On The Field, Failure In Congress

Representative Heath Shuler (D-NC), the former bust of a quarterback for the Washington Redskins, is still getting mocked around the Beltway.

Let me get this straight - this is coming from a guy who threw more than twice as many interceptions than touchdowns?

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February 09, 2009

Liveblogging the Obama presser (without watching it)

8:05 pm: Uhhhhhhhh.....ummmmm.....the worst economy since the Great Depression. 

8:13 pm: Errrrrr....ummmm......ughhhhh.....

8:21 pm: To answer your, ughhhh, question, Mr. Moran, I have no idea how I got to, errrrrr, be so awesomely awesome.

8:27 pm: I have, uhhhhh, consistently said, ummmm, that as President, ughhhhhhhh, I would make sure no one received any, errrmmmm, unicorn farms.

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Bar dramatically lowered...

...for "highest standards ever."  Yeah.

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What's The Difference Between CNN and Joe The Plumber?

Joe probably knows more about taxes than these fools.

SANCHEZ: You know, it's funny, but, as I hear him talk, I'm just thinking, tax cuts are spending, right? I mean, they really are, because you have got to get it from somewhere.

VELSHI: Right. If you think about it, is -- your own budget, right? If you have less money coming in, you have to have less money going out.

The issue is that -- the argument is that, tax cuts, while it brings less money into the government, which means it lowers the amount of money the government has, which makes it the equivalent of spending, it stimulates the economy, because it lets -- people will use that money in another way.

Businesses will use the money that they don't give to the government in a way that will create employment opportunities and put more people to work.

Look, again, it's -- the notion works. I think what the president was saying -- and I do agree with this part -- that anybody who says it's the only way to stimulate an economy may not be telling you the full story.

And you know I got into a little trouble for saying that about a particular radio commentator who has said that tax cuts are the only answer. Again, the experience with using tax cuts in a recession -- you go back to Ronald Reagan, taxes were 70 percent. He cut them to 29. That is stimulative.

SANCHEZ: But here's the problem. Stay with us. I want to bring you back on the other side. VELSHI: Yes.

SANCHEZ: Here's the problem. This is not just an economic problem. This is a political problem.

My thanks to both of you.

Remember, just a few weeks ago, Rick Sanchez deemed Joe the Plumber unqulaified for the rigorous mental exercises of being a media hack, and Ali Velshi got his knickers in a twist over Rush Limbaugh pointing out his incompetence.


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Class act

BDS must still be a profitable venture, because Will Ferrell is doing a one man show as Bush.  Apparently it's a real classy affair.  I'd note that the show is written by Ferrell and his friend Adam McKay, who we've written about before.

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February 08, 2009

I'm not sure if this is funny because it's funny or funny because it's true

Congress = Nigerian scammer

No insult meant to Nigerian scammers since they're usually more honest.

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While Obama struggles to pass Porkulus bill, world's thugs and dictators look to stir shit up

The Norks, Russians (and their puppets in Kyrgyzstan) and the Chinese are all stirring shit up and laughing at our little Messiah as he flounders.  Delightful.  It's pretty obvious they think he's a bitch.  They want the US knocked down a peg, Obama may well give them what they want.  Says John Bolton,

Obama "keeps focusing on the domestic economy, almost as if he wishes the rest of the world would go away. But life is not that orderly," said John Bolton, a hawk who served as former President George W. Bush's U.N. ambassador.

These issues "are coming to a boil," Bolton said.

John Bolton's moustache also issued a statement, but it was too obscene for publication...yes even for here, I doubt even the Hostages would post it.

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February 07, 2009

I HOPE they throw the book at him

The news has more or less uniformly sucked as of late, so here's a little something that might cheer you up. I know it brought a smile to my face...

A street artist famous for his red, white and blue "Hope" posters of President Obama has been arrested on warrants accusing him of tagging property with graffiti, police said Saturday.

Shepard Fairey was arrested Friday night on his way to the Institute of Contemporary Art for a kickoff event for his first solo exhibition, called "Supply and Demand."
He was on his way to his first solo exhibit, you say? When they arrested his derivative ass? Mmmmmmmmm...this schadenfreude is delicious.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled crumble of Western Civilization.

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