January 21, 2009

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(Thanks to Slu for the latter.)

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Gee, I Sure Am Glad That Charlie Cook Cares For Us

I just love it when liberal Beltway pundits offer advice to the Republican Party on how to win.

At a time when Republicans should be starting to think about how they can expand their party to reclaim those who abandoned it, the party is instead lurching ever more to the right, exacerbating its problems. Many people who watched the recent debate between contenders for the chairmanship of the Republican National Committee came away thinking that the only memorable moments were when each candidate expressed love and devotion for Ronald Reagan and when all but one bragged about how many guns they own. Not to belittle the importance of Reagan's iconic status or the Second Amendment, but when the only takeaways are about the importance of a political figure who last won an election a quarter-century ago and how big a person's arsenal is, these guys are not hot prospects to chair the GOP's Welcome Wagon, much less to lead the party out of its wilderness.

For anyone who thinks that it is important to our democracy to have two strong, vibrant parties and that having both major parties healthy keeps the system accountable, seeing one of those parties being self-destructive is not encouraging.

Beyond the fact that an inwardly focused Republican Party will have a hard time restoring its lost support, it's hard to embody Reagan's "Big Tent" approach when you are pushing folks who don't totally agree with you out of the tent. Especially for Republicans on Capitol Hill, the narrowing of the GOP presents a challenge as lawmakers try to develop policies to help pull the country out of its horrible economic decline.

With the Federal Reserve Board having dropped interest rates to practically zero, only two other major instruments to fight recession remain: government spending and tax cuts. Democrats tend to think that spending is the way to go and typically aren't wild about most tax cuts. Conversely, Republicans believe that tax cuts are the preferable route and disdain new spending. President-elect Obama is putting together a package that incorporates both, hoping to build bipartisan support and professing his fear that doing too little is more dangerous than doing too much. The fact that neither congressional Democrats nor congressional Republicans are in love with his package suggests that Obama may have found a good balance.

But if Republican lawmakers have to look over their shoulders and worry that backing a balanced stimulus plan would trigger serious primary challenges, they could be intimidated into jeopardizing measures needed to get the country out of the recession, into further isolating their party by making it more extremist, or both.

Gee, thanks buddy. 

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Jon Stewart, Report To The Hopechagnge Re-education Camps At Once!

Looks like Mr. Satire wasn't too happy with The Coronation yesterday.

How long before he reappears on the air, sporting a bandage on the frontal lobe area, mouthing "Barack is Great"?

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Still feeling down about yesterday's events?

Don't worry, I'm pretty sure you'll probably never feel as disappointed as this moonbat and his comrades felt when they weren't able to get close enough to The One.  Drink deep of the schadenfreude-y goodness.

(Thanks to Wickedpinto.)

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January 20, 2009

Will McCain-Palin supporters act the same way?

I think not. 

I don't agree with much of  Barack Obama's agenda, but at least I respect the office.

Oh, and Michael Moore?  You can burn in hell.

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January 19, 2009

Dear Celebrities,

Fuck you.  Fuck your sudden phony sense of patriotism.  Fuck your calls for unity.  Fuck your claims that we're all in this together now, since your guy won.  Fuck you all with a red-hot poker.  Please feel free to fuck off, take a flying fuck at a rolling donut, and die in a fucking fire.

love and kisses,
Sean M.

(Via Moron Central.)

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Get over it

With the entire nation poised to become Candyland tomorrow at about noon Eastern, some pathetic dickheads just can't let go of their BDS:

Hill's sister, Ashley Hill of Durango, Colo., picked up a pair of strappy brown leather sandals from one of the piles of donated shoes strewn around Dupont Circle. Hill pointed his camera phone.

"This is totally cathartic," Hill said as he snapped a shot of Ashley launching the sandals. "How can you resist?"

The shoes bounced off the Bush doll's midsection, forcing a local television cameraman to duck as they sailed past his head.

On the stage nearby -- behind a neat line of boots, loafers and sneakers -- Gael Murphy, co-founder of the antiwar group Code Pink, called Zaidi courageous and thanked "everyone who has stood up and spoken truth to power in their own way."

"Hold onto your shoes," Murphy said to the crowd of about 100 protesters. "The struggle is not over."
I've said it before, but I think it bears repeating—I think some of these wretched assholes are actually going to be disappointed by the peaceful transfer of power when it takes place tomorrow.  They've built themselves up as brave fighters of fascism, and they're not going to have Chimpy McBu$hitlerbutron and his Cabal of dual-loyalty (nudge-nudge) Neocon (wink-wink) war criminals to rail against anymore. 

Sure, they've got their petitions (mentioned in the article) to get Bush administration officials tried for war crimes, but I'm pretty sure Obama is smart enough to figure out that something like that would rip the country apart and would result in every last action of his administration being scrutinized by his political enemies for the slightest taint of illegality. 

At least I hope he's smart enough to figure that out.

UPDATE (doubleplusundead): Jonn Lilyea went over to watch the screwball protesters, has some video and photos, be sure to check out his post.

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I don't want any more bears!

Since I promised a rant for a rant, I feel that I must hold up my end of that deal.

The following is my reaction to the Prop. 8 map and to Tom Hanks decreeing that those who opposed Prop. 8 are unamerican.

Below the fold due to possible overuse of profanity.

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Here's some schadenfreudey goodness

Since we all seem to be in the dumps and/or filled with venomous rage over the Immaculation (as Rush called it), I thought we could use some good news. 

Bill Ayers not allowed into Canada

Blah blah blah academic freedom blah blah blah - let me get to the important point to me.

ha HA!

And, yeah, it's a freaking mystery why anyone would think he could be a threat to anything.  Really.  No clue why anyone would think that.

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Heads asplode

It seems the anti-Proposition 8 people can't be bothered to wait until Inauguration Fevah has subsided...
About 100 gay-rights supporters staged a peaceful protest Sunday outside Saddleback Church in Lake Forest against pastor Rick Warren, a gay-marriage opponent tapped by President-elect Barack Obama to give the invocation at Tuesday's inauguration.

Stationed on two street corners downhill from the sprawling church campus, the demonstrators waved rainbow flags and signs, chanted "equal rights" and voiced disappointment with Obama for going ahead with his choice of Warren in the face of continued outcry in the gay community.

"President-elect Obama made a huge misjudgment," said Jenny Mirmak, 44, of Irvine, an Obama supporter who demonstrated with her husband and 7-year-old daughter. "The Democratic Party has always counted on the gay and lesbian community for their votes, then thrown them under the bus once they get elected."
Never mind the fact that Obama's thrown lots of people under the proverbial bus, but both he and Pluggy Joe have publicly said they were against gay marriage, even if The One has made some noises about opposing Prop. 8.

Oh, and let's not forget about the fact that a lot of the foax who voted for Change weren't exactly big fans of the change that the State Supreme Court decided on.

Anyway, don't blame me, I voted for Kodos.

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January 18, 2009

A little moar info

Jonn Lilyea and the rest of the crew at This Ain't Hell have been following various players of the IVAW, Code Pink and other anti-war groups, and do a damn good job of it.  Jonn's got an excellent post deconstructing the twit who tried to get Alice to take down the video of him shouting into a bullhorn during a public demonstration.

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It's never going to end

Although The One is about to usher in a new age of bounty, world peace, and pollution-eating unicorns, I don't think we can count on the angrier of the country's lefties to cool their jets as far as BDS is concerned. For example, let's look at this post, titled, "Nobody Died in The Plane Crash"...

But Bush is still guilty of war crimes. When will the mainstream press get around to finding the time to report on them? Waterboarding was only the beginning of the depravity, which apparently went so far as torturing the testicles of toddlers. Are we ever going to face up to the fact that the Bush administration really was intent on rolling back the cause of human justice to the 1600's?
If you don't feel like giving this deranged jagoff any traffic, I can tell you that, no, there are absolutely no links or citations to back up the claim of Chimpy McBu$hitlerburton-mandated Toddler Testicle Torture. But who needs evidence when you've got hatred to keep you warm at night, huh?

Let the vaunted era of post-partisan healing begin! 

Or not, maybe.

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Canadian Mannequins Are A Little Bit More Free Spirited

I guess they like to have different types of reading material on display up there.

The controversy began this week when a West Vancouver woman, taking her 13-year-old daughter shopping at the store, came across a display that featured an accessible copy of BUTT that contained, as she put it, “a full, double-page spread of two men engaged fully in a sex act.”

She complained to the store manager and the operators of the mall.

In its first comment on the controversy that has led West Vancouver's bylaw office to fine the store in the city's Park Royal mall, spokesman Ryan Holiday said the company supports its gay customers “and anyone who enjoys the magazine.”

“The accidental placement of the magazine was fixed, but it should not be used as an excuse to limit diversity or free expression as those are fundamental values of American Apparel,” Mr. Holiday said Friday in an e-mailed statement from the company's Los Angeles head office.

He declined to answer other questions posed in a subsequent e-mail. He had initially suggested The Globe and Mail put its questions to a specific representative of Egale Canada, which promotes equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people. However, that official did not respond to calls.

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January 17, 2009

I Guess This Passes For "Satire" Now

As a follow up to CB's post concerning the O-Bots' newfound distaste for snark, cynicism, and (I am adding this) satire, conveniently timed with The Messiah's Arrival in DC, I noticed that the leading "satirist" on Cable TV is now using his "satire" to attack Israel.

Not only that, Jon Stewart is allowing cranks on his show, to raucous applause, who are openly attacking Israel.

STEWART: Israel and the Palestinian situation, is that – does Obama change the game here? Can the game be changed? Or are we just watching two abused children consummate this dysfunctional relationship until both are mortally wounded? I mean what are we --  what are we dealing with?

ZAKARIA: The odd thing is at some level there's greater agreement among all parties that a two-state solution is the way to go and it's the right one. You have, you know, a majority of Israelis in poll after poll show they accept a two-state solution. Wasn't true 20 years ago. A majority of Palestinians, most of the time when you poll them, suggest a two-state solution is the way to go. A majority of the arab regimes have accepted a two-state solution as long as there's a withdrawal to ’67 borders with some land swaps. So at the theoretical level, you have greater agreement than ever before, but on a practical level on the ground, it seems further away than ever before, and I do have to blame Bush for this, to a certain extent. [Applause and cheers.]

STEWART (joking): Outrageous. Can I say this? I won't have it on my program! I said Good Day! [Laughter]

In all honesty, I used to like Stewart. But he developed a full bore case of BDS after the 2002 Election, and I couldn't take him anymore. Now he is nothing more than (yet) another version of KOS on TV.

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January 16, 2009

Thanks, Barry!

Alice sends this list my way...about right.

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January 15, 2009

Dear Pepsi

Refresh this,


Coke's better anyway. 

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January 14, 2009

Hot for teacher? Ick.

Even if he did it, which he says he didn't, he says it wasn't illegal anyway.

They concluded that the Legislature's intent was to protect children under the age of 18 from predatory teachers, coaches or mentors.

"Thus, we conclude that the legislative history of [the statute] clarifies that the legislature intended ... to criminalize only sexual misconduct between school employees and 16- and 17-year-old students," wrote Judge Marywave Van Deren in an opinion signed by colleagues Christine Quinn-Brintnall and J. Robin Hunt.
The article goes on to report that the fine upstanding citizen whose alleged behavior has resulted in this screwed-up decision wants to retain his teaching certificate.  Would you want him teaching at your daughter's school?

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January 13, 2009

Suddenly, Partisanship Offends Chris Matthews And His Leg

All of a sudden, name calling, snark, and partisan attacks are a bad thing, so sayeth The Leg.

JONATHAN ALTER: What I thought was a little surprising was that the Republican National Committee fired some shots this morning and some blast emails, revisiting differences between Clinton and Obama on the campaign trail. And it had the whiff of something old and kind of out of synch with where our politics are right now.  And I think there are a lot of Republicans who actually would say it's not the time for the Republican party to be picking at those scabs, but moving forward. If they have other disagreements with Hillary Clinton based on administration policy, then they can raise those at the time, but this kind of partisanship right now feels a little old-fashioned.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Well isn't that staff-driven snarkiness?  Isn't that what we're watching here? The kind of thing that staff people get paid to do, so they come out with this tired, old partisan cheap shots, and they throw them across the bow, and they get the principal, whoever it is at the time, to sign onto them.

It's so tired.  And it's so predictable, and the press, unfortunately, uses it as news-helper, and puts it in its news accounts. As if it's actual news. I'm doing media a criticism here. I should never be a media critic --

You got that right, buddy.

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Miserable Failure Can't Even Keep His Bicycle Safe

You would think that a Nobel Prize Winner would be able to protect his bike. OUTSIDE OF HIS OWN BUILDING!

Two bicycles belonging to President Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, were snatched from inside the Carter Center near downtown Atlanta earlier this month.

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January 12, 2009

Catholic Church needs to respect US sovereignty

Cardinal Mahony of LA is again agitating for Amnesty and open borders.  Wonder what the church leadership would think if we started sending illegals to the Vatican.  There's are several reasons I don't attend mass regularly anymore, and the church's endless agitation for amnesty, essentially rewarding criminal behavior and punishing lawful behavior is number one.

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