June 19, 2010

Andrew Sullivan, political genius

Don't worry, the link below goes to NRO, not Andi's place:

“Palin is the only endorsement anyone wants. If you ask who the most influential endorsers are, Palin is numbers one, two, and three," - Rick Santorum.

But the entire Beltway assumes she is a non-starter in 2012. What kind of denial are they in?

Where to start?

First of all, we're in an election cycle where "the entire Beltway" is about as popular as Ebola. My Congressman, who happens to be a solid conservative, has been in Washington since 1999, and he won a three-way primary with just 49% of the vote—the lowest percentage of any campaign he's ever had, including city council races. How are Dems in Red States going to fare?

Secondly, which conservative candidate wouldn't want the endorsement of a popular political/opinion figure who has sold zillions of books (how are your various tomes selling, Andi?) and has a prominent platform on Fox News, the ratings leader among cable news networks? Sure, it's not as if liberal-leaning voters are going to vote for a Palin-endorsed candidate—hell, they'll probably run, screaming, in the other direction—but they weren't going to vote for GOP candidates in the first place. Palin's endorsements are meant to shore up conservative support and convince independents who lean right that they should vote against the Obama/Pelosi/Reid agenda that some of them voted for in 2008. Mistakes were made, she's saying.

And, then, there's the whole "non-starter in 2012" thing. Sully is assuming that her value is that she's going to be the pull for the politicians she's endorsing because she's going to run in 2012. While that may or may not be true, that isn't the point, is it? Palin's value is in the here and now, where there is a huge electoral surge in 2010 that hates what the Dems and Obama have been doing and want to sweep them out of office.


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