October 22, 2009

And once again I am one with my life choices

Disclaimer: I don't have kids. I'm not going to have kids. I may, in fact, be the least maternal woman anyone has ever met. So, you know, factor that into any discussion I make surrounding raising kids.*

That being said, what the ever loving hell - For some parents shouting is the new spanking.

In other words, oh noes!  Don't ever yell at your precious darling children!  You'll scar them for life!  You horrible terrible Mommy!  (also note how this is directed almost entirely at women)

From what I have observed, it's now actually risky to spank your children in private, to say nothing about spanking them in public.  Lay a hand on a kid and you're running a non-negligible risk of being reported for child abuse.  Well, if shouting is the new spanking, it's really really obvious where this is going.

Instapundit comments fairly frequently that the social stressors around being a parent are such that it's difficult to imagine why anyone would want to be a parent.  I agree.  Even if I didn't view children with fear and loathing, I'm still fairly certain I wouldn't want to be a parent. It's simply too fraught with danger.

Is it just me or is there a presumption that children are noble savages who only engage in "bad" behavior due to their parents being mean to them?  They're children.  They do stupid crap.  They do stupid crap on purpose and need to be punished.  If spanking is out and yelling is out, what's left?  Punishment isn't fun.  No one likes to be yelled at.  But sometimes yelling is necessary. 

Also the hell is up with this being "friends" thing?  You're a parent, not a friend.  Act like it. 

*I also want to say I'm only anti-child for me.  While I'm admit to throwing breeder around from time to time, I'm actually in awe of anyone who wants to be a parent and is doing their damnedest to be a good one.  I could never do it and y'all have my respect.

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