February 18, 2010

Amy Bishop: Teabagger?

Hey! I have a fucking awesome idea. Let's ignore Amy Bishop's batshit insanity, Obama worship, arrogance, violent recidivism, and everything else, and claim she was like those vile teabaggers. Sounds like a plan to me!

In November of 2008, a prime debate was whether the United States – with Barack Obama’s election – lived in a post-racial society. Fifteen months later, the answer is a resounding, “hell, no.” The proof: last week’s shooting in Alabama, where a disgruntled white professor murdered three minority professors {notice he didn't say "black" or African American?-ed}; and the growing success of the Tea Party movement, which is overwhelmingly white and increasing {sic?-ed}vocal in its violent dislike {proof?-ed}of the nation’s first black president....{no, it's his policies and ineptitude, assfuck, not his race. And how the fuck are the two connected? But I sense a meme from the left.-ed}

One thing is certain {oh, this oughta be good-ed}, though: As we enter the second year of Obama’s presidency, the continuing economic squeeze is causing people to act in ways they could never have imagined when Obama took his oath of office {no. I think most people who knew Amy Bishop believed she was about to go nutters. Just ask the people at that IHOP in 2002-ed}under the banner of “hope” and change” for the better.

Yeah, because economic squeezes are what caused a woman who killed her brother years ago and assaulted a woman at an IHOP over a fucking booster seat to go on a shooting spree shortly after being denied tenure. 

Seriously, pal:
FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU! Fuck you with this thing through your fuckfistingly fucked forever fucking fuckbag of fuckingly fucked up fuckitude and fucking stupidly fucked up leap of illogical fuckheadedness. And fuck you to boot for trying to fucking claim that a (probably) racist leftist fuckaloon and Obama supporter is tied to the group that opposes him and his fucked up policies.

I mean, fucking seriously. How the fuck fuck fuckity fuckbag of fuck can you sit there and claim that a group (tea partiers) who have neither organized nor promoted a violent response to Obama are on the same continental fucking shelf as a crazy lady who shoots her academic associates? How the fuck can you claim that racism was and is the driving force behind Obama's opponents without proof? I guess his policies had no impact, huh? I guess his ineptitude and attempts to fuck us into to the Third World mean nothing, right? I mean, when even some of his own former supporters are fucking abandoning him, does that make them racist as well?

Good fucking the maid in the linen closet grief almighty! If you are going to claim that the racist violence (not her own prewired insanity and megalomania) you assigned to Amy Bishop also motivates the Tea Party, then fucking prove it, or retract it. Fucking lay out your case beyond some rhetorical roundabouts. You just can't make those sort of claims, fucking fondler of fizzled up fucksacks, without getting a pushback. Fucking try to connect the dots beyond some drug induced stupor that met paper. I may not agree with everything the Tea Party offers, but your attempts to label them as violent and fellow travelers of Dr. Bishop is weak fucking tea, pal. Get the fuck away from a computer, and go back to whatever the fuck it was you were doing before I read this piece of visual vomit.

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