April 15, 2010

Whereby I Wear My Teabagger Pin With Pride

And to anybody who wishes to mock me, let me address the following to you.

*eats whole box of bacon covered donuts*
*washes it down with gallon of whiskey*
*sniffs own flatulence*
*throws last bit of cigar at leftist douchebag*:
Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you with the cockfrosted cock of an AIDS swilling Yeti. Fuck you for trying to ruin our country. Fuck you for trying to ruin my daughter's future. And fuck you, just because I need to fuckpunch a hippie, and this is the best my sparkling eyes, replete with fire and fucking can do this time of night.

You know what? There are two fucking types of people in this world: those of us who want a future for our children that is free of government fuckfuckery, stupidity, and incompetence fucking up our lives, and the Obama supporters. Oh, and circus midgets. But that's another story. And those of us who oppose Obama are proud to do so and to be so. And I see a WHOLE FUCKSWARM of freedom lovers. So fuck you and your childish names, for it didn't work.

That's right, fuckwallets. How fucking stupid could you be to think that calling us "teabaggers" would stop us? How fucking stupid could you be to think that making up false charges of racism would stop us? How fucking stupid could you be to think that sending out union goons to beat us up would stop us? You fucking thought we would give up in our fight to save this country and the future of those who live in with words, beatings, and shady deals? Seriously, you idiots are so fucking stupid, I can smell it on your skin. You underestimated us, and now you and your careers will pay this fall.

Yeah, we lost a recent battle. We lost in our attempts to stop Phase I of Obama's Fuck the Country With A Pool Cue plans. But true heroes never let a defeat stop them. True heroes keep coming back after a heartbreaking loss and vow to reverse and repeal the prior setback. And true heroes never fucking quit. And judging by the swelling ranks of the "No to Obama" crowd, I believe the true momentum is with us.

Yes, Teabaggers, you are my heroes. You stood up and said, "No Fucking Way". You stood up for liberty. You stood up for freedom. You fucking stood up for the future. You took a chance, and refused to go away. And you fucking refuse to quit. So, on April 15, go and (peacefully) let your voices be heard. Then, come November, let's fucking tear a fourth fuckorifice in the careers of the O-bots and plow through it like the fucking freight train of fucking and ladypleasing.

So fuck you, lefties. Enjoy the last few months of your majority. And get ready to feel the teabagging this fall.

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