June 21, 2010

Tomorrow Is The Day To Tell The RNC To Fuck Off

Yes, tomorrow is the day that Nikki Haley will probably win the GOP nomination for SC Governor (and, likely, the state house). This in the face of a GOP establishment that threw everything they had at her, to include lies about her virtue, religion, and state of mind. And nothing could fucking make me happier.

Yes, the fuckdorks at the RNC think that they know better than we do. Well, fuck them. Fuck them with a side of ribs and a kick in the balls. Fuck them for fucking us over and telling us that we have to take it. Fuck them forever.

So fuck you, RNC. You fucking can go and suck off a goatse for all I care. And learn to call Nikki Haley Governor Haley soon enough.

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