March 29, 2010

Today Was Not A Good Day To Be A Host At MSNBC

Between the beatdown Ed Schultz took at the hands of a guy from the Heritage Foundation and the disemboweling Dana Loesch did on Tingly Legs Matthews, today was definitely not a red letter day at MSNBC. And to that I say:

Fuck yeah! Fuck yeah! Fuck yeah! Fuuuuucckkkkk Yeaaahhhh! Fucking yeefuckingthebaristawithextraventisauceha!1!11!1eleventy!1!

Yeeehaawww!1! Fuck yeah!

*Fires 60 Roman Candles at once in celebration*

Now that's fucking how you do it, folks! That's how you handle these irregular prostate testers! See what fucking happens when you mount the fuckhorse and ride it to exhaustion? See what fucking happens when you refuse to take their shit lying down and carpetbomb their sandy vayjays with the fuckring of awesome?!? See what happens when you punch back (rhetorically)? And fucking see what the fuck fuck fuckity fuck with a rotten tree stump happens when you tell them you will not take their slander, lies, and abuse like a sorority pledge passed out on the jock fraternity's couch?

*Smokes 3 cigars at once*

That's right, friends and fuckers, they don't like it. They can't handle it. And they are reduced to a quivering pile of slop not seen since I ate the extra spicy combo plate at El Casa De Mierda when their plans fail.

*Soaks slab of bacon in Makers Mark, just to multitask*

So fuck anybody who tries this shit on us. Fuck them all with the Furyhammer of Fuck! Let today be a lesson to everybody! Don't be fucking afraid of who you are, what you believe, and what you oppose. Don't be afraid to stand up to the bullies and blowhards. And don't fucking ever let them back you into a corner with that bullshit racism charge!

So fucking yeah! Fuck the left, and let them get skullfucked with the extra spicy sauce on the way out the door.

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