August 05, 2008

Signs of life from the GOP elite

Boehner is calling the Blue Dog "we support increased oil production" bluff.  it's good to see some signs of life in the GOP. 

Allah's analysis is interesting,

I honestly don’t see what Pelosi has to lose by letting a vote come to the floor — or rather, I don’t see how she loses more by letting the vote happen now than by suppressing all attempts and letting the GOP bludgeon the Democrats with this issue all the way to November. If they agree to expand drilling, they can always undo it (at least in part) next year by sneaking the rollback into a more comprehensive energy package.

Though I'm not sure it's correct.  I don't think you can assume Pelosi has nothing to lose(from her perspective) unless you know what her game is, and we don't right now.  Is it to inflict economic pain?  And what is the goal they want to achieve out of this economic pain?  Try and weaken the economy to bludgeon the GOP for November?  Is it to try to leverage for greenie boondoggles and regulation in a comprehensive bill?  Is she just afraid of the Nutroots, Gaians and their ideological allies?  Is she hoping that it just dies down and goes away?  Does she believe the Democrat talking points?  What is her game?  I don't think we can know for sure that she has nothing to lose(from her perspective) unless we know what the plan is, if she has any.

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