June 11, 2008

Senator Jim DeMint creates conservative PAC

DeMint recognizes that the GOP is hemorrhaging funds because of their rampant RINOism and selling out, and is offering an alternative.  His PAC will only give to those who are faithful to conservative principles, and I think I might really like where he's going with this,

Most politicians’ leadership PACs dole out relatively small contributions to a broad swath of candidates to build a constituency for the lawmaker who runs the committee. The direct donations they make are limited to $10,000 per campaign per election cycle. DeMint said he would prefer to inject large chunks of money into unlimited “independent expenditures” -- spending that is not coordinated with the campaign in any way -- on a handful of worthy candidates. Because it is independent of the campaign, there is no restriction on the amount that can be spent on a race. He envisions dumping hundreds of thousands of dollars into ads, literature, phone banks, etc for each of three or four races each cycle for maximum impact.

That's what needs to be done.  You're never going to gain influence if you keep giving funds to the same RINOs year after year, but we can't just walk away entirely either.  If you can't storm the castle, then lay siege and sap the castle walls. This makes me a tad concerned he'll hedge himself when certain RINOs need to be sent packing, Says DeMint about the possibility of having to go on RINO hunts,

“I hope that doesn’t happen where we have to make a decision between a colleague and someone on the outside,”

Is he saying that to calm the RINOs he's stuck dealing with now, or is he really hesitant to do what needs to be done?  I would love to know what he thought of Andy Harris' takedown of the RINO in his district, before Harris won. Moar from DeMint,

DeMint said he understands the need for moderates in the party, particularly in states where conservatives would have difficulty competing. But he believes the GOP’s platform should be conservative and that an influx of conservatives would help the party refashion the kind of clear agenda that has been lost in an effort to ensure party moderates can vote with the party.

“In order to accommodate everyone, we have become nothing,” he said.

Moderates can be a royal pain in the ass, and they often undeniably suck ass, but we're always going to have to deal with them to an extent when a huge part of our nation is now made up of Marxists and statists.  However, we're now in a situation where we have RINO tools like Lindsey Graham in South Carolina, and facing no competition from real conservatives!  South Carolina!  We should have some asskicking right wing nut in that chair, not sniveling McCain toadie Graham.  An eeevil right winger who makes Harry Reid's trousers dingy with one angry stare, not this douche. 

I get that you're gonna have to have a RINO in certain districts, but the RINOs and kleptocrats we've allowed to fester in seats that should be occupied by solid conservatives have proven to be a highly destructive and a disaster, and we need to rectify it.

Speaking of RINO's...Wistful for Huck?  Rich Lowry has lost his fucking mind.

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