August 13, 2008

Sean Parnell on card check

In addition to being a kleptocrat, Rep. Don Young of Alaska is also in favor of eliminating the hallmark of democratic elections - the secret ballot - during union organization votes. Young's opponent in the August 26 House primary, Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell, has an op-ed in today's Anchorage Daily News defending his stance against the legislation:

Our freedom in elections is protected by the anonymity of citizens casting a ballot in private. Ballot box privacy is sacred and essential to democracy and human dignity. Tyranny would prevail if we went to our local polling station and the kingpins in the neighborhood stood around, handed you the ballot, and asked you to cast it in front of them. Coercion and undue pressure would be overt and commonplace.


I will always stand up for workers, whether they choose to join a union or to work in a non-union workplace. I will stand up for each worker’s right to privacy in choosing whether to join a union.

Card check legislation is not about whether one supports unions or non-union workplaces. It’s about supporting freedom for Alaskans.

It's embarrassing that we have to teach any elected Representative (Republican or Democrat) the importance of secret balloting to a free and fair election.  But, here we are. 

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