August 24, 2009

Reason Bajillion And One That Fighting Back Against The Left Works

The VA has pulled their "Death Book" manuals from their web site.

Look, I am not going to scream and stomp that Obama's VA was going to urge patients to off themselves, because I do not know for certain. But when and if a part of Obama's program is not explained to the fullest, you better fucking believe that we will not sit there and let them get away with passing something as ambiguous as this deal (among others) without a demand for clarity. And if/when the clarity does come forth, then fight it to the fullest. And way too much of Obama's plans are too ambiguous to just let skate by, to say nothing of what he has officially proposed.

But  any American who wishes to just sit back and say, "Oh Government, please take care of me. I trust you to do the right thing", then you deserve what you get from the Government.

And to those on both sides who want to criticize us for raising hell about any and all aspects of O-Care:


Fuck you. Fuck you through a trime warp with the Flaming Ficus Fisting Barkfucking Branches Of Fury. We will exercise our fucking Constitutional Rights to demand an explanation from the fucking people we fucking elect to run this country. And if you don't like it, then shut the fuck up and go back to riding your fucking bicycles, playing Hide The Gaia Gadget With your friends, and circle jerking with your other "more reasoned" cohorts while the rest of us try to fucking save this country from the shithole that Obama wants to create.


UPDATE GOODNESS!1!!1!!1eleventy!: Well, it looks as though the VA is in the news again. This time, they fucked up and sent out 1200 illness letters that were not intended for the recipients.


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