July 23, 2008

Praise where praise is due

I may have my doubts about McCain, but I think he is finally running a smart campaign.  First he hit Barack Obama yesterday for choosing to put winning a campaign above winning a war.  Now his campaign is making two smart moves (h/t on both to The Corner).  First, he's countering Sen. Obama's speech in Berlin by reaching out to Berliners himself:

In the latest effort to counter-program Obama’s tour of Europe and the Middle East, the Republican National Committee will air radio ads promoting John McCain’s candidacy in three different Berlins: Berlin, New Hampshire; Berlin, Pennsylvania; and Berlin, Wisconsin.
Eh, maybe a little bit hacky, but it made me laugh nonetheless.  Because I'm a hack, mostly.  Make sure you check out the comments at the link, by the way.  I didn't know Keith Olbermann had so many screen names. 

McCain might also consider taking Rush Limbaugh's advice during his visit to New Orleans:
The campaign has been discussing having McCain visit an offshore oil rig during his visit, but it's not certain whether that is still on the agenda. A campaign aide would only say that McCain is planning to do "an event in the region" Thursday.
Sounds like a good idea to me.  Now, if he'd just accompany Gov. Palin on a visit to ANWR so he could change his mind on that issue, too.

Update: Looks like he's not only canceled the oil rig trip, he might be cancelling the New Orleans trip altogether.  Lame.

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