November 05, 2008

On Winning and Losing

Or, Reason we're better than those that oppose us #229,299,201.

I've been around my normal blog-block this morning and I've noticed something.  No despair.  No hate.  No overblown conversations about suicide and how totally, overwhelmingly fucked we are.  No rants about how fucking stupid the American people are. 

In fact, the mood has been rather positive and hopeful.  Nearly everyone has expressed a genuine desire to help America be as productive as possible in the next four years no matter who is running it. In short, we aren't acting like spoiled little children (for examples, see lefty response to both Bush wins).

Can anyone even imagine the same maturity and poise from DKos if McCain had won?  No seriously, stop laughing.  You'll choke.

Sometimes in life you are confronted with a situation wherein another party has cheated, lied and manipulated until they beat you and the sheer injustice of it makes you just want to do it back.  To destroy them.

But in doing so, you soon realize you'd also be destroying yourself and all that you hold dear.  It takes a mature person to ignore the emotion and cling to doing what is right (like guns, religion, racism, etc.)

And the vast majority of the right has vindicated themselves on this point today with flying colors.  Bravo.  The left has constantly painted us as hate-filled, angry, manipulative monsters but in defeat we show a grace and confidence that surely must irk them.  Even in defeat we show no sign of any of the traits they so vocally ascribe to us. 

Also, we do it with a sense of humor.  We still makes jokes instead of begging our fellow cultists to talk us off the ledge.  To me that is our greatest strength.  The youthful "Ace of Spades Moron" demographic of the right is honest and funny and doesn't let the seriousness of the task detract from the fun we have doing it.

The left could and should learn a lesson from watching us lose.  But they won't.  They never do.  You can't teach a child by showing.  Children only learn by doing.

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