June 12, 2009

John Ziegler Showed How We Need To Take On The Media

Seriously, this is how you handle the MSM.
Fuck the Beltway, Get Alongism of David Gergen and George Will! Fuck that shit! Who fucking cares about invites to Sally Quinn's cocktail parties or yachting parties on the Potomac? Fuck accepting their premises (to steal Goldstein's line and rework it). Fuck being a punching bag, lest you not get invited back on the air. Fuck all of that! Fighting back is never a bad thing.

This is top drawer proof that getting in the faces of these shitbags will rattle them. They are so used to controlling the debate, they have no fucking clue what to do when somebody hits back.

But, sadly, we need to do it on live shows. Katie Couric can still edit the hell out of tape to advance the lefty agenda. But a live broadcast with a guy with balls of brass can reduce a lefty MSMer (BIRM) to a babbling pile of goo as this video did. Also, when a conservative has to square off against an O-bot, be as fucking rude as they are. They are so used to us just rolling over, they won't know what to do if you hit back.

Bravo, John Ziegler. You fucking rule!

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